Welcome back 2016

Welcome back to OSMC for 2016. Classes begin on the 20th February. On arrival each Saturday please wait in the corridor until your tutor has arrived and calls you into the classroom.

Instruction consists of weekly music lessons in which repertoire, note reading, technique, practice skills and musical literacy are emphasised. Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes in length depending on the size of the class. Faster progression can be achieved if the students have sufficient practice at home as well as their weekly lesson.

Fees: Fees are due by the end of term 2 unless a payment plan is in place. Failure to pay your fees by the required time will result in your child/children being excluded from lessons. Unpaid accounts will be forwarded to a debt collector. An account will be emailed/sent/or given to your child at the end of term 1. This will include Fees, instrument hire, and any books or accessories your child has received in the first term. Please check with the office throughout the year in case your child has received books or accessories.

We want each student to experience the excitement of progress from week to week – key to this is consistent practice and consistent attendance. It is very frustrating for the tutor and other students in the class when students are consistently late and consistently miss lessons. Our classes have a minimum roll number, if attendance drops below this level we would need to consider the continuance of the class. Regular practice helps to ensure rapid improvement of musicianship and skills.

Performing publicly is a vital element in the musical performance education. We have a yearly concert which provides an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills learned during the year, as well as to gain experience as a performing artist in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. There is no fee for the student. Audience members must have a ticket in order to attend. These will be available to purchase close to the time of the concert at a minimal cost.

We have spaces in the following classes, please contact us if you are interested in joining any.

Hour 1
8:30 – 9:25
Hour 2
9:30 – 10:25
Hour 3
10:30 – 11:25
Hour 4
11:30 – 12:25
Ukulele Cornet Horns Keyboard
Clarinet Choir Musicianship String Ensemble
Oboe Musicianship   Choir
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