Welcome back 2012

Welcome back to OSMC for 2012.

Classes start on the 18th of February. Information packs will be sent approximately 1 week prior.

The information packs will have all the information relating to your classes. Please check and make sure you are in the right class and level. We have tried our best to give everyone the class times they requested but with the number of students we have and the hundreds of different combinations of classes they choose, that has not always been possible. My apologies for those of you who have a space between their classes. This was unavoidable. Please let me know if this going to be a problem for you. Unfortunately though, we will not be able to change the class times.

Accounts: These will be sent out at the end of term 1 and will be due at the end of term 2, unless an automatic payment is in place. Our bank details will be on the account. You may come to the office part way through the first term to check or pay your account. If you have any problems with your account or paying your account please come and see us as soon as possible.

Failure to attend: If your child pulls out of classes before the end of the first term there will be a part charge to pay, if they pull out after the first term you will need to pay the full year of fees.

Classes: Students are able to attend as many classes and do as many instruments as they feel they are able. For primary students the cost is $65 but for senior students the cost depends on the number of classes they take.

Attendance at choir and keyboard will not cost primary students extra. Choir is open to all students including our first years.

We like to leave SGHS exactly as we found it each morning and for that reason children are asked not to eat or drink in the building, or to leave food scraps behind in classroom bins.

We have spaces in our bands and ensembles, choir, and in many year 1 instrument classes. Please contact me if you are interested in joining any of these.

OSMC Co-Ordinator

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