End of Year Notice 2011

End of Year Notice to all Parents and Caregivers 2011

As we draw to the close of a successful year I would like to thank you for the support and encouragement you have shown your children during 2011. The commitment to regular attendance and the high number of parents who come along to classes is greatly appreciated by tutors and administration staff.

This is the final notice for 2011 so please read carefully.

Today your child has been given reports for instrument classes (we do not issue reports for choir, keyboard or ensemble groups). For musicianship students, reports will indicate if they are ready to undertake a new instrument in their second year.

We prefer students in the second year and above of instrument instruction to join an ensemble/band/orchestra. Please consult with your child's tutor or the office staff if you are unsure about this. Secondary students cannot do ensemble work only. They are required to continue learning their chosen instrument.

We invite you to discuss the reports with your children's tutors.

Book and Instrument Sales & Purchases
Any instrument and book sale will be held before the start of classes in 2012.

Re-enrolment forms for 2012
Please complete this form fully. We will attempt to fulfil your first choices and times but please be aware this is not always possible.

Thank you for those of you who have paid your account. Any outstanding accounts will be passed onto a debt collector.

New Enrolment Form for 2012
Many students come to OSMC after hearing about us from friends and family. New enrolment forms are available from the office. Please feel free to pick some up and hand them out to family and friends.

2012 Classes
Classes depend on minimum numbers and tutor availability. OSMC is a 30 – 32 week programme and a fall below minimum numbers during the year can result in closure of a class.

Classes offered in 2012

OSMC now have a website – www.osmc.co.nz. This can also be used for new enrolments and re-enrolments.

Out of School Music offer theory classes for instrumental students. These classes are a great way for students to be able to improve their theory knowledge. Students are able to work through workbooks from Pre-Grade 1 Theory up to Grade 5. Students work individually and are able to sit exams if they wish. The exams are sat outside of school time and are internationally recognised. We highly recommend these classes.

Finally, best wishes to all for the holiday season and we look forward to seeing you back
in 2012.

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